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• 11/15/2016

Leveling divers?

Whats the best way to level divers? I want to max them out but its taking too long... is there a reverse synthesis (level up feeders and feed them to what you want to level to gainbigger exp) or something that can speed up leveling? Or do we just have to mindlessly feed one diver at a time to reach max level...?

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• 11/15/2016

As of right now, that appears to be the fastest/most efficient way to handle leveling. As for your hypothesis on feeding a single diver other divers, the exp gain is fairly minimal (tested by attempting to feed a fully leveled 5* diver to a 6* diver at lvl 1). It seems like a pretty subpar conclusion, but i think you'll have to bear with the grind for the time being. I tend to just run Ultra's during the appropriate Weekly dungeon element and just binge feed all the cards and whatnot. Seems to work out reletively well.

• 11/16/2016

Remember to use the modifiers to your advantage when fusing if you haven't already. You can find more information on it at the newbie guide/enhancement page, or in summary:

Same diver bonus: x1.3

5 copy set bonus: x1.2 (and 1.5x for 10 copies)

Also try and use same element when possible, it gives another x1.2 I think.

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