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• 11/16/2016

Which divers to level/obtain?

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What I currently have. I am Rank 23, and just beat 32. Farmed all day on Hard Water stage to _nearly_ finish leveling my Witch of Lightning (can't do Expert :x).

Can you guys recommend me what I can/should do next? I am planning on staying F2P - are there any witches or events or anything that I should be prioritizing?

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• 11/16/2016

Unfortunately, you kinda missed out on the last 2 special dungeon grinding Light diver events. As far as F2P goes, as long as you log in every day / progress through the story mode, you can rack up a respectable amount of dream candies. The payouts for rare summons is decent compared to what im used to from other games using a lottery system. Id recommend saving up for an diver summon event (usually around holidays) that have a promotion stating a guaranteed 4-5* diver if you roll 11x summons. 

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