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• 11/17/2016

Is the current event worth participating?

So ever since my Divers have reached around 40~50, I've been grinding out the daily dungeon to get tons of materials for the future. This morning though, I noticed that there was this Purple Moon Circus under Special event. I gave it a try, and I can beat Hard fairly easily (although I take forever because dat boss...). Haven't tried Expert yet though.

Do you guys recommend participating this event? If so, what do you recommend aiming for? I ran both hard and Novice couple of times but all I got was those stupid elephants, with couple of evolution ingredients. Haven't gotten the Diver though.

P.S. What's the MAX FESTIVAL about? Also is there a way to prevent that from popping out every time I go to main page?

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• 11/17/2016

As of right now, the Info page will always appear as there is no way to disable this. As for the event participation, the stats are on par for those that cannot roll diver gem summons. If you missed out on the last two special events or don't have many 5*+ divers, then this event can help you out

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