Character BioEdit

A typical college student with typical college student hobbies, whilst having little experience in handling women, the Avatar/MU mysteriously wakes up in the dream world. Alongside a mysterious, lab coat clad bunny, his adventure through the dream world allows him to meet many colorful figures, both good and bad.

According to Professor K, the Avatar/MU has shown high proficiency in combat capabilities against dream creatures (egos) as well as divers with malicious intent. There also brings speculation that the Avatar/MU remains to be a special entity wielding a unknown greater power, a sign from being able to retain his real world body while in the dream world. Only one other being, a mysterious white-haired girl, has shown to possess the same capabilities of body retention.

Diver Form & StatsEdit

As a diver unit, the Avatar/MU proves to be a solid, Fire-based diver throughout the earlier world/areas. This is largly due to the Avatar/MU being introduced at an evolution level of Three Stars while having a max level cap of 50; other Three Star divers cap out at 40. In addition, no other unit holds a unit cost of 0. However, with only a Three Star limit on Evolution, his power vastly pales in comparison to a majority of summoned units, either with more utility-based skills or those simply boasting a higher HP pool / Attack pool.

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