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Banquet is up and ready to be beaten. This dungeon corresponds to the previous moon and sun dungeon also on display here. It contains the core Alisa which the other materials are used as evolution materials for.

Here we see the cost and what drops from the dungeon.

15 stamina with a party recommendation of level 50. This recommendation is accurate as this is a more difficult dungeon than many may be able to complete.
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I'll break down the dungeon as best I can but feel free to edit with proper names and abilities.

1. Bunny man. Easy enough to deal with, just clear out his shields and swing through. He doesn't do crazy damage.

2. Sheep stall city. 10 free turns to mess around and stack your board so you can do 500,000 on the next stage.

3. Moon goddess pt 1. She will hit for 60,000 so I recommend you one shot her if possible. You can block the damage but I haven't tried this and don't know what comes after.

4. Not sheep stall city. 6 turns here to stack the board and charge skills

5. Punching man. He will clear your board after one turn so make sure you hit him with what you don't want to lose. He doesn't hit super hard but he can do 9000 in one turn so be careful.

6. Moon goddess pt 2. She hits for 70,000. She also has 600,000 hp. I have yet to beat her. She binds after one turn so you're going to have an unbinding guy or one shot her somehow. Good luck.


- Utilization of divers with a leader skill: "When HP is at or above XX%, cannot die even when receiving lethal damage"