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Logo Welcome to Eighteen Wikia, this wiki is for the mobile puzzle game Eighteen, published by GameSamba. On here you can find information and tips about the game. Please help us expand the wiki by adding and editing pages - your help is much appreciated!
We have been editing 280 articles since August 2016, and you can help contribute!

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Wiki News
Help wanted - 22 July 2018
If you are a fan of the Eighteen game and want to take over work for this wiki or help out feel free to message me on my message wall.

Wiki JS Scripts Fixed - 05 June 2017
Fixed a few javascript codes that was broken. Which caused some inactivity tags on user profiles to display incorrectly.

Fixed Activity Feed - 28 May 2017
Activity feed should now display page changes and edits correctly.

Discord Widget Added - 01 December 2016
A discord widget has been added to the frontpage of the wiki that will let you connect to the offical GameSamba discord server.

More Pages Added - 15 November 2016
More pages have been added to the wiki thanks to the help of the Eighteen Community. If you feel like you have something to add or edit feel free to contribute.

Wiki Frontpage Modified - 17 August 2016
Frontpage of the wiki has been modifield to make it easier to access the information you need more quickly.
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Eighteen (18) Official Trailer (English)

Eighteen (18) Official Trailer (English)

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