There are several ways to increase the power of your Divers. 

One way is through enhancements. This method allows you to choose several divers to fuse into your target Diver.

The other is through evolution. Evolution can only occur when a Diver's level is maxed out and it hasn't reached its full star potential. 


There are several benefits to enhancing your current Divers. If enough EXP is gained through enhancement, your Diver will level up and gain a certain amount of stat points in HP, ATK, and REC. In addition, when you reach max level for the Diver's current star level, you will gain the ability to evolve that Diver to become even more powerful. However, not all cards give the same amount of EXP during enhancement. Tarot cards are classified Enhancement Material and give a large amount of EXP compared to regular Divers. Also, when enhancing, it is good to keep in mind that using the same element to enhance will yield a larger amount of EXP than if the elements did not match. For example, if you infused a Water type Diver with a Fire Tarot card, it would not give nearly as much EXP as a if you had used a Water Tarot Card. Below is a table showing the different levels of Tarot cards and how much EXP they give.

Tier Level Border Color EXP (Same Element) EXP (Different Element)
Tier 1 None 4,000 3,200
Tier 2 Silver 10,000 8,000
Tier 3 Gold 20,000 16,000
Tier 4 Platinum 40,000 32,000
Tier 5 Diamond 100,000 80,000


Evolution of a Diver is only possible when the Diver's level is maxed out for its current star. For example a 4-star Diver must be level 50/50 and have a grayed out 5th star in order to evolve. In addition, several rare evolve materials are needed to complete the evolution. These materials can be obtained through special daily and weekly quests. 

Below is a table showing what days each element evolve materials are available in the weekly quests.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Fire X


Earth X
Light X
Dark X
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