Goddesses, also refereed to as "Sleeping Beauties", are unlocked after defeating the witch at the end of each map. Each Goddess carries a different ability, lasting for 3 turns, that can be activated after linking 18 gems during a stage. In addition, uncovering all 6 memory fragments of a Goddess allows one to use the Goddess' Witch form as a diver.

List of GoddessEdit

Yuko Sakurabe
Yuko Sakurabe
Airi Kojima
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Kasumi Takahashi
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Yurina Kanzaki
20161106 023342-1-
Mitsuru Senke
Mitsuru Senke
Yae Suzusato
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Abby Benette
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20161106 161624-1-
Eru Himukai
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Saori Jokura
Humika Shiratori
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Kanan Amasaki
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