A brief summary of how to enhance your diver. There are several key bonuses to keep in mind while you enhance and evolve your diver that will be very effective.

Diver EnhancementEdit


Three different ways of increasing EXP BonusEdit

  • Same element Bonus- If both the Source and the Material are the same element, the exp value will increase by 1.2 (individually, A water element will not be affected if the source and material are both earth)
  • Set of 5 Bonus- If the material you use to enhance is a set of 5 of the same (as shown in the picture) the bonus will be 1.2x
  • Same diver bonus- If you use another copy of the diver to enhance, the bonus is generated depending on the rarity.
    • 1*-2*= 1.1 x exp bonus
    • 3*-5*= 1.3 x exp bonus

3 Different results while enhancingEdit

Enhancing results have 3 different conclusions, 

  • Success- 1.0 x total experience value
  • Great Success- Total amount of 1.3x experience value
  • Super Success- Total amount of 1.5x experience value

Experience increases as divers levelEdit

Experience when enhancing is proportional when leveling up. A diver used for overdive can also be used to enhance!

Skill level upEdit

It is possible to level the skill level of divers while enhancing. If you try to enhance divers by using a copy of the same diver or a "skill ring" material with same skills, there is a likelihood that the skill will level up on success. This is used to shorten the amount of time it takes to charge a skill.

Diver EvolutionEdit


How to evolve a diverEdit

Almost all of the diver evolutions are shown when you try to evolve it whether or not you have the materials.

You must obtain the needed materials through the weekly quests. Also your diver must be max level to evolve it.

Skill level during evolutionEdit

If the skill before and after evolution were the same, then it is possible to inherit the skill level of the previous evolution. Thus if you increase the skill level in the previous evolution, after it evolves you will not have to relevel that skill.